Introducing CellDesigner 14: The Comprehensive Wireless Network Design Solution

CellDesigner 14

CellDesigner 14, developed by CelPlan Technologies, is the ultimate answer to today’s complex wireless network design challenges. This powerful software suite empowers utilities and enterprises to create, validate, and optimize mission-critical wireless networks with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

The CelPlanner Suite comprises several integrated tools:

> CelPlanner: The core module for network modeling, coverage and interference analysis, and traffic simulation.
> CellNetwork: Specialized for backhaul planning.
> CellPerformance: Handles field measurement data integration, automatic cell planning (ACP), automatic frequency and resource planning (AFP), and hyper windows visualization for in-depth data analysis.
> CelData: Provides GIS database editing capabilities.

Key Advantages

> Unrivaled technology support from WiFi 6.0 and LTE to 5G-NR and beyond, CelPlanner Suite seamlessly integrates both legacy and cutting-edge wireless standards. It supports specialized systems like AEROMACS, PMR/LMR (P25, Tetra), LPWAN/MESH (LoRa, SigFox), and even video and satellite systems (DVB-H/SH).
> Vendor-Agnostic Flexibility Model multiple wireless technologies with ease, including 5G, 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G, and various legacy systems.
> Advanced GIS Integration Our proprietary Geographic Information System offers multi-layered topography, morphology, and imagery support for pinpoint accuracy in network planning.
> Revolutionary Propagation Modeling Featuring accurate and advanced models that integrate multiple clutter types, heights, and resolution layers.
> Intelligent Model Optimization Automatically fine-tune your models using real-world data for superior prediction accuracy.
> Comprehensive Multi-Device Analysis Simultaneously analyze up to 32 distinct service classes, covering various devices, environments, and service configurations.
> Versatile Network Topology Design From point-to-multipoint to mesh networks, CelPlanner Suite has you covered – including specialized support for IoT deployments.
> Seamless Backhaul Integration Plan and optimize your backhaul network in perfect harmony with your access network.
> Cutting-Edge Planning Tools Benefit from Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP) and Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) capabilities.
> Google Earth Integration Export sites, endpoints, links, and predictions for enhanced visualization.

All-in-One Platform

> Conducting thorough feasibility studies
> Designing greenfield networks
> Expanding existing infrastructure
> Performing cost-benefit analyses of different network scenarios

The suite supports all frequency bands, from standard-specific to newly available bands for commercial networks such as CBRS, TVWS, and C-Band. With its robust coverage and interference analysis, capacity planning tools, and detailed reporting capabilities, CelPlanner Suite 14 ensures you make informed decisions at every step of your network design process.

Experience the future of wireless network planning. Choose CelPlanner Suite 14 – Where Innovation Meets Reliability in a Vendor-Agnostic Environment.

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